We stand behind our guarantee that all of our seeds will meet all of your customer growing needs we have a 100% money-back guarantee. We want to be your trusted seed company and give your customer an incredible growing experience. Not only do we value your business but we also value your customers and their business to your store as well. We are over the top proud when your customer buys our products and is 100% satisfied with the results. Our seeds are GUARANTEED to grow with a unconditional money back guarantee.

At your service 100%

Our Guarantee

Golden Gate Seed Co. has  been around on the scene since 2010 as a start up seed co. Our seed display is a Guaranteed Sale. We test marketed our seed products in small garden centers,  hydroponic stores and some busy hardware stores and we found out our seeds are a hit. We did away with the slow moving seeds and we only supply guaranteed to sell,  fast moving seeds. We  believe 100% in excellent customer service. We believe in our products and our company. We stand behind every single seed we package. Our displays are maintenance free and a Golden Gate Seed Co. Account Manager will manage and inventory your display.  Our seeds are chemical free and and no GMO's.