Welcome to the Golden Gate Seed Company Official website. Here at Golden Gate Seed Co. we supply rare,  beautiful, unique and unusual flower, herbs, vegetables, spices, super fruit tree and Bonsai tree seeds from around the world to major retail stores in USA.

Golden Gate Seed Co. Guarantees that our product will sell out in your store. We only package seeds that sell out fast. Our displays are design to be a fast moving point of sale display that takes up very little room.  Our display has international capabilities as people from around the world loves our seed display. The profits for your retail store is very high as the wholesale price of our display is very impressive. Each seed package has a UPC code and they are all same making entering into your system easy.  Our seeds are guarantee to grow if any customer return their seeds for any reason please exchange or give a full refund no questions ask. Of course we will refund or credit the charge. Order your beautiful seed display today and give your customers something new, educational, fun to grow and the beauty of nature for their enjoyment and pleasure. Catch Eco Fever! Plant a seed and Go Green. Protect the Earth! Bring back nature.

Golden Gate Seed Co.

We supply the seeds the other seed companies don't have making us very unique in the seed industry. Our seeds are a high impulse buy item. Our displays are small and compact and can be hung up just about anywhere in the store, the size is 14 inches across and 20 inches tall. Place our display in a high traffic area and watch it start selling the first day it is In your store guaranteed. Our products are educational, fun to grow and our colorful   bright display will light up any dull area in your store.